Intermediate League Dog of the Year

The 4th Height Supporters Group is delighted to sponsor the award for the Intermediate League Dog of the Year! This will be presented to the highest overall points scorer in 2020, in honour of those smaller Large dogs that have gone before.

A Bit of 4th Height History

Agility Addicts, run by Fiona Hulse and her team, was one of the first independent shows to offer a "4th height", in the autumn of 2004. Back then, full height at KC shows was still 30" and Agility Addicts offered another jump height at 25". That was more than 15 years ago!

Fiona recalls when Diane Clark adopted her little crossbreed, Spooky, from the Dogs Trust in early 2007, and he was the dog that inspired her to put forward the first official proposal for an additional height for smaller Large dogs in 2008. Spooky was only just over Medium height and Diane was only able to run him in Anysize at KC shows. Fiona felt dogs like him deserved their own height at the majority of shows, not just at a handful of independent ones.

Since then, of course, many people have been motivated by the need for a 4th height and further discussion items and proposals have been considered by the Agility Liaison Council and the agility community, eventually resulting in the introduction of lower heights for all categories of dogs and the welcome addition of the 500mm Intermediate height in January 2020.

With all this in mind, we thought it would be fitting to include a perpetual roll of honour on this website, where you can include the names of smaller Large dogs that have inspired you, both past and present.

Here are a few very special dogs to start the list.

RupertWorking Cocker Spaniel
JackBorder Collie
ZubaBorder Collie
EvieBearded Collie
Nellie Bearded Collie
FreddieWorking Cocker
Shamorel Semper Fidelis Border collie
Dusk (Dusk Tornado)Collie x lab
Laila Maeunknown
MaximillionEnglish Springer Spaniel
BellaFlat Coated Retriever